Enduring entrances. Weather the storm!
Alutrend elegant and effective aluminium profile matting system.
Entrance matting systems for intense traffic. Weather the storm!
Hungarian product.
For indoor, outdoor and rotary door use. Weather the storm!
Outrageous quality and intelligent variety.

About Alutrend

What are Alutrend entrance mats? Various production possibilities Exclusive shape configurations Flexible services Alutrend types


Why Alutrend?

Efficiency, Durability, Lasting, Appeal, Design, Individuality



Suggestion to the installation of Alutrend entrance mats, About the zone approach, Alutrend zone approach solutions, Alutrend performance index, Alutrend first-hand informations


Arguments speaking for and against Alutrend

One of the critical points while planning a building is the entrance. Only 3-4 collective parts of a giant e.g. office building is being used permanently, which is 1% of the building’s floor surface. The entrances are being passed very often by staff and client as well. Therefore what really matters is, how big the […]

Matting to the building, or building to the matting?

Mats and mudguard systems Nowadays there are many types of buildings that are intended to receive many visitors, be it office, buildings or shopping centers. However the characteristics of simple household mats are often confused with those of professional matting systems. Many think that the carpet used at home is also enough in the workplace. […]

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