Indoor branded door mats

Marketing at the door


The unique gadget to individualizing entrances are the branded mats. It is also possible to integrate these branded mats into the Alutrend® aluminium profiles. Thus, we come to an indoor mat, which apart from the cleaning of soles introduces the company. A clever, unique graphical mat system is noticed by every visitor. These properties give the Alutrend® branded mats a unique marketing and advertising value, thus cleansing and advertising them at the same time.

indoor area logo mat indoor area logo mat

Even images of photo quality can be planned onto the mats, but it has to be calculated with the distances of the aluminum rails. This means that the letters must not be less than 10 cm high.

AluTrend_indoor-branded-mat-01 Our free services:

Despite precision requiring planning tasks, no costs are fixed at

  • Planning
  • Visualisation
  • Printing tasks (cliche)
  • Special colors

Alutrend® Charm | Branded matting system





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#Compact Profiles

The Alutrend® Charm mattings are available as Maxi, Mini and Compact versions. The typical place of use is the outdoor area directly in front of the entrance, or wind deflector, rotary door and foreground. In the rails painted polyamide fiber carpet strips of 3 mm fiber height with PVC base ensure the cleaning of the soles – depending on the design of the zones – in the second or third zone. The moisture-absorbent fibers absorb and seal liquids like a sponge, while the quality-printed surfaces are transmitting marketing messages. The colorful graphics can be made of pantone colors.

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