Hints & tips

Before installation


One of the most important factors when planning is the zone approach. This is optimal when all mats are being fitted with different matching mats which are functioning as a system. The Alutrend® profiles can be used to integrate a wide range of surfaces into them, so primary, secondary and tertiary mats can appear as one. Thus, the quantity of the carried in dirt is also clearly reduced, which ends up by lowering the cleaning costs!

During the planning process, especially in case of several mat system elements, both entrance and direction of travel have to be taken into consideration.

Possibilities for dividing the mat elements:


The right size

The entrance mat should be that long that it has enough chance to collect dirt from the soles. Generally, at least 5-6 steps have to be done to remove the largest amount of dirt from the soles. Transcribed that means, that the optimal minimum length should be 4.5 to 5 metres. Below this, the rotary door is an exception, where the traffic is much slower, so here the efficiency is very high, even in case of smaller sizes. A well carried out entrance mat of the right size in the main traffic zone has an effectiveness of ca. 85-90%.

Walking direction

Alutrend® mats are most effective when the aluminum profiles are perpendicular to the direction of travel (see picture). Since all Alutrend® mats are individual, it is essential to clarify the width and the length (along the direction of travel). When measuring, it is essential to avoid confusing the two sizes with each other, since the length can not be changed later. The width can be changed only to the limit of the steel wires.

After installation

The use of mat systems is a kind of passive cleaning of the building, because most of the dirt is being removed from the soles and wheels. In order to be able to carry out this task continuously, they must be cleaned regularly as well.

Daily cleaning

At least once a day it is recommended to remove the dry dirt from the surfaces with a vacuum cleaner. The most effective method for this is the use of roller-brush vacuum cleaners. If dust is being vacuumed from all directions, dirt accumulation can be easily avoided.


Monthly cleaning

Strong brushes, water and cleaning supplies can be used to remove stronger contamination. Dried in stains can be loosened by plastic scrapers with slight movements. The remaining residues should then be treated with carpet foam and then being rinsed out. Carpet cleaning machines and even strong water jets can also be used. After cleaning, they should be completely dried out, otherwise they will get dirty much more quickly.


Annual cleaning

The entrance mats must be taken out of the die once a year and cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner or carpet cleaning machine. In case of very high traffic, e.g. large shopping centers and office buildings once a month, or if possible more often recommended to roll up the mat systems and to sweep out the collected dust below. If this is being neglected, the accumulated dirt may become cemented between the rails, because of this the rails may bend, or don’t even lie completely flat in the die, which can also lead to deformations and thus the entrance is no longer completely accident-free.

Methods to preventing problems

  • In case of oily and tarry dirt: quick stain cleaning
  • In case of liquid materials, which can e.g. cause discoloration: rapid cleaning, rinse with plenty of water
  • After each procedure with cleaning supplies: rinse with clean water
  • In case of chewing gum: immediate removal with freeze spray

If all these instructions are being observed, a top condition can be retained for a long time; at the same time, our guarantees are valid when it has been strictly adhered to the instructions.

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