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Alutrend Maxi 22 profile

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Alutrend Compact 10 profile

Compact Profile

Profile type Aluminum alloy
(AlMgSi 0.5)
Aluminum alloy
(AlMgSi 0.5)
Aluminum alloy
(AlMgSi 0.5)
Aluminum alloy hardness F25 F25 F25
Profile height 19 mm 15 mm 9 mm
Wall thickness 1.65 mm 1.20 mm 1.20 mm
Sound isolation thickness 2 mm 2 mm 2 mm
Overall height (tread dependent) 22-24 mm 17-19 mm 10-11 mm
Profile width 31 mm 30 mm 63 mm
Built-in depth 26 mm with frame 21 mm with frame 9 mm
Maximum axle load 1450 kg 1017 kg 600 kg
Tensile strength 217 N/m 217 N/m 217 N/m
Thermal expansion coefficient 0.0238 mm/m/C 0.0238 mm/m/C 0.0238 mm/m/C
Fire safety classification BFL-s1 BFL-s1 BFL-s1
Weight with brush tread 16.7 kg/m2 14.4 kg/m2
Weight with ribbed rubber tread 20.1 kg/m2 17.7 kg/m2
Weight with textile tread 14 kg/m2 11.6 kg/m2 9.5 kg/m2



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