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Medium-sized users and industries with medium-sized traffic


Commerce and service




Offices and public institutions


Stores and shops

Shop chains

Wholesale markets

Warehouses and distribution centers


Banks and mailboxes

office buildings

Factory buildings

Petrol stations

Property Residences

Hotels and Motels

Restaurants and taverns

Cafes and pastry shops



Theaters and cinemas

Event venues

Fair- and exhibition centers

Fitness- and leisure centers

Amusement parks and spas

Town halls and government offices

Courts and prosecutor’s offices

Schools and kindergartens

Law enforcement agencies

Government authorities

Fire brigade and rescue service


Social institutes

Cultural institutes

Sports facilities


Alutrend® first-hand informations

If you need additional information, or in case of being unsure, do not hesitate to contact us! Our colleagues are gladly at your services regarding to Alutrend® entrance matting systems. We are available on the number +36 30 413 8175.

If you’d like to inquire personally about the versatility and physical parameters of Alutrend® products, visit us in our office in Budaörs. We’d like to ask you kindly to make an appointment under the given number with one of our colleagues first.

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