Alutrend mats for rotary doors

Aluprofile dirt cleaning solutions for rotary doors


The essence of the #matting systems is to start with the cleaning of shoe soles before entering the building, followed by the second zone, or the rotary door/wind deflector; going from the outside to the inside, first coarse dirthas to be removed, then absorbtion of moisture is being done. The ultimate goal is that only the remaining liquid must be sucked up in the third zone. This can be achieved by the right choice of cleaning surfaces, but there are buildings where there is far too little space to lay such a long mat.

The advantage of the Alutrend® systems is that they can be installed practically in any form, thus fulfilling any special requirement. The most popular such cleaning zone is the revolving door, which separates inside from the outside. The entrance matting installed at the revolving door consists of sectors, which differ from ordinary mats, not only when it comes to shape, but also the compilation of surfaces.

Alutrend rotary door Alutrend rotary door Alutrend rotary door


Excellent cleaning effect and dirt collecting


Tasteful mat system, aesthetic entrance


Different sectors depending on types of dirt

The most effective entrance


Big advantage of the rotary doors is that several steps have to be done here, as in case of normal entrances, the cleaning of the soles is also much more effective in this area – by choosing the right cleaning surfaces. Alutrend® mat systems are the ideal choice for rotary doors thanks to their individual design possibilities.

When talking of rotary doors, the entire mat flooring consists of four sector quarters. The aluminum rails can be integrated according to traffic and types of pollution with #ribbed rubber, #brush and #textile cleaning surfaces. With the combined extension of treads the rotary doors can be divided onto zones, which increases the foot cancellation effect. The rounded dirt traps can also be supplemented on the outside with further modules.

Alutrend rotary door

Which cleaning surfaces can be applied in rotary doors?


It depends on the environment in any case, Alutrend® mats systems can be installed with virtually any running surface even onto rotary doors. The typical surfaces are generally optimized to the urban pedestrian traffic, are usually combined compilations, but the ideal design is also dependent on the other mats and the placement of the rotary door.


If there is an outdoor mat and the turning door itself is the second zone, then

  • for the first half brush and textile, or ribbed rubber and textile combination are the ideal choices;
  • for the second half liquid absorbent textile is being recommended.

If there are no outdoor mats present, then

  • for the first half brush or brush with ribbed rubber are the ideal choices;
  • for the second half mixed textile surfaces can be chosen.


If no strong scratching action is required, e.g. the pedestrians entering the building from pavements or asphalt when getting out of a car, scratching yarns and liquid sucking textile strips can form the surface of the mat system.

Alutrend rotary door treads

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