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Nowadays, an entrance matting needs to meet many requirements. If the following criteria are also important to you, we recommend the Alutrend® aluminum profile mats, whether it’s an office building, shopping center, or even your home. Alutrend® is the best choice for any location and traffic volume.

Our Alutrend® products have been placed in various entrances over the last 10 years. Between our clients, there are restaurant, as well as shopping centers or the Audi factory. What all have in common is the care of cleanliness and orderliness, as well as the first impression of the customers. They all devote much attention to hygiene and at the same time to act economically and individually, so they are using the mats system specially designed for the building.


Floor mats are expected to remove dirt from shoe soles, wheels of shopping carts, wheelchairs and baby carriages. The cleaning of a building succeeds in 80% of the cases on the floor, so it is not indifferent how much dirt is being carried inside through the shoe soles. An effective entrance matting system cleans 96% of the dirts, which has the following advantages:

  • if the soles are clean, the floor coverings are much less damaged;
  • on dry ground, there are much less slip accidents;
  • the cleaner and tidier the interior of a building, the more it is possible that the customer has more desire to remain, to look around and to buy.

The Alutrend® entrance mats can be optimally designed and implemented depending on the characteristics of the building and the types of dirt that are present. The Alutrend® aluminum profile mats being selected this way, offer an extremely effective cleaning solution thanks to the high-quality surfaces.


An entrance mat system must be long-lasting, it is well known how many types of buildings there are today, that are supposed to receive huge amounts of visitors every day. The doors of many shopping centers, leisure parks, hotels are open to the public, even in the most remote areas. Employees are engaged in monumental office buildings and gigantic factory territories, also hospitals and universities of considerable size are also being passed by many people. The Alutrend® aluminum profile mats fulfill every durability requirement perfectly. Alutrend® products are made from the strongest aluminum rails available on the market, making them the perfect choice for heavily frequented entrances.

Lasting Appeal

In today’s consumer society, there are unfortunately very few long-lasting products. Often people are confronted with the fact that everyday use tools, clothes and domestic products are made of increasingly worse raw materials, so they break much earlier and it’s much easier to get a new one instead, as repairing the old one. We at Cleartex think different and believe that our high quality products and services contribute to the satisfaction of our customers. Alutrend® mats are one of the most outstanding products on the aluprofile mat market, in fact they’re made from the best quality by professionals. Our aluprofile entrance mats are weatherproof, withstand snow, cold, wetness, heat, UV-rays and fulfill their task regardless the season. Cleartex_Alutrend_Compat_GraphisoftPark_2016_05


One of the most important aspects is to be cost-effective and economical. A product fulfills this condition by providing its function for a long time without any loss of quality. Alutrend® meets this requirement perfectly:

  • it is always optimally adapted to the entrance route, in view of traffic, aluminum profile type and cleaning surfaces;
  • thanks to the building adapted design, no unnecessary costs arise, since nothing superfluous must be bought;
  • due to the individual design, the cleaning efficiency is much higher than the one of other types of mats, thus the cost of cleaning is reduced and the floor surfaces are being protected;
  • Alutrend® entrance matting systems must be installed only once, so it is a one-time expenditure;
  • Alutrend® mat systems can also exceed 10 years lifetime, which is a much longer period than the one of conventional mats;
  • no more maintenance is required as with other footscrapers, this way it doesn’t entail more costs.


Alutrend special tread The appearance of a nicely decorated interior, where furniture and textiles fit with each other, is quite effected by the design of the entrance mat. If it is the same, gray and rectangular design everywhere, it becomes boring, on the other hand it destroys the overall impression of the sophisticated look. The multifunctional integrable treads of the Alutrend® mat systems help to achieve a harmonious overall appearance. The interior and exterior mats are able to appear as a single unit, which gives the building a certain harmony. Alutrend® mats can also be very different when it comes to shape and color.

If the form of the entrance do not make it possible to use straight shapes, our specialists make it possible to create exclusively designed shapes which fit the building’s look. The individuality of the design can be enhanced by a suitable choice of colors. Whether it is a mat system for outdoor or indoor use, in addition to the dark colors, brighter and more joyful colors are also available. The colors in the Alutrend® rails can vary from gray uniformity even more when different colors are being integrated into each row.


Distinguishing yourself from others does not only play an important role in personal life, but this also has a lot to mean in business life. On the individuality of a business, restaurant, or saloon, we can attract attention at the entrance already by using marketing mats at the entrances.

Representation with logos is possible both inside and outside, also when it comes to aluminum profiles. With the application of individually printed Alutrend® mats, buildings and operators get more cleanness, a better overall picture, more attention and above all more visitors.


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