Alutrend types

Outdoor and Indoor types


Outdoor areaAlutrend® mat systems can be divided into two classes depending on the area where they are being applied: applicable both inside and outside. The treads of the outer mats have different properties than those of the inner mats. The first thing to consider is how the entrance can be divided according to zone approach, or whether it is possible to use outdoor mats, or does the matting have to be solved in the inside? By the way, it is advisable to also measure the surroundings of the building, or the possible types of dirt, which also have an effect on which types or combinations of treads can be inserted into the rails.

Various rail profiles


Rail profilesThe following classification takes place according to traffic, which determines the usable size and structure of the aluminum rails. It is important to know how many visitors the building has, which entrance is being passed how many times, or where which mats have to withstand what kind of encumbrances. Thanks to these informations, we can specialize the Alutrend® entrance mats systems, because different aluminum profiles are the optimal solution for different cases.


Complete harmony, individual design


Alutrend special

The third level of classification is the design. Specially designed Alutrend® mat systems with different mat inserts make it possible to design individual entrances for both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the style and environment of the building, colorful brushes can also be used in the outdoor area. Numerous types and colors of textiles are available for the interior. With the right selection a perfect harmony in the interior can be achieved.




Selectable rail profiles

Rail profile

The main function of the mat systems is to protect the floor of the interior and to reduce the frequency of cleaning the inside of the building. By side they have to match the look of the building, when it comes to traffic size and possibly occurring types and amounts of pollution. Furthermore, the appropriate style to environment is just as important as the thrift. That is why we have optimized the Alutrend® mat systems for various types of traffic Maxi, Mini and Compact types are being distinguished from one another.

Maxi Profiles


Robust aluminum alloy developed for traffic of more than 1000 pedestrians per day. Available with textile, ribbed rubber and brush surfaces, suitable for intensive pedestrian, wheelchair and shopping cart traffic. The structure of the aluminum skeleton system makes it possible to store larger amounts of dirt. We recommend this for frequented entrances.


Alutrend-Maxi20-Textile-2017 Alutrend-Maxi20-Rubber-2017

Mini Profiles


Powerful aluminum alloy for the traffic of less than 1000 pedestrians per day, ca. 100 pedestrians per hour. Available with textile, ribbed rubber and brushes, suitable for medium-sized pedestrian and moderate wheelchair and shopping cart traffic. The structure of the aluminum skeleton system makes it possible to store moderate amounts of dirt. We recommend this for medium traffic entrances.


Alutrend-Mini15-Textile-2017 Alutrend-Mini15-Rubber-2017 Alutrend-Mini15-Brush-2017

Compact Profiles


Low, wide profiles made of aluminum alloy, designed for traffic of less than 200 people per day. Available with normal textile and printed textile treads for smaller pedestrian traffic. The aluminum skeleton system, combined with unbreakable connecting elements, collects contamination on the surface. Recommended for home and buildings with less traffic.


Each of the three profile types can be used both inside and outside. The materials used are fully weather resistant, winter frost, summer heat and strong UV rays can not do any harm.

Optional Outdoor treads: ribbed rubber, brush, scratching yarns and printed textile

Ribbed rubber and brush surfaces are the most commonly used outdoor cleaning surfaces of the Alutrend® aluprofile entrance mats. If it is not possible to install mats in the outdoor area, there’s opportunity to place both surfaces in the second zone, indoors. Mixed and strip-like design: the closest to the entrance scratching yarn is suggested, while further away moisture-absorbent textile is recommended. On the outside, outdoor surfaces like printed artificial grass are exclusively recommended, which in particular has a strong cleaning effect and can transmit marketing messages by means of printed logos at the entrance.



Ribbed rubber | The ribbed rubber surface has been developed specially for wheelchair and shopping cart traffic. The closely ribbed facet reduces rolling resistance, still it accomlishes an effective cleaning of shoes and a safe entrance into the building. Recommended for paved or hard-surfaced atmosphere.

Textile | The outdoor textile surfaces consist of scratch fibers and do not suck themselves full with water in case of rain. Its task is to remove smaller rigid dirt, which can be fulfilled under any weather condition.

Brush | The small scaled but densely integrated brushes clean rigid dirt and remove small gravel surpassingly from the boot-soles. An optimal solution in an environment where all kinds of contamination are to be expected and the protection of the interior is extremely important. The ideal choice for structures with mixed flooring (e.g. asphalt, paving stones, gravel, sand, etc.).

Printed artificial grass | The outdoor artificial grass has excellent scratching effect and can be printed in 16 colors, so it glows individuality from the distance. An outdoor mat with graphics attracts attention already at the entrance.

Outdoor ribbed rubber surface


  • 100% elastic PVC
  • 4 mm rib height
  • Cfl-S1 refractoriness
  • UV-proof

Alutrend Outdoor Rubber Maxi Alutrend Outdoor Rubber Mini
Ribbed rubber in Maxi Profile Ribbed rubber in Mini Profile

Outdoor brush surface

  • 100% 6.6 nylon thread
  • PVC base
  • 5 mm fiber height
  • 110 fibers / knot
  • 3 rows / rail
  • Cfl-S1 refractoriness
  • UV-proof

Alutrend Outdoor Brush Maxi Alutrend Outdoor Brush Mini
Brush in Maxi Profile Brush in Mini Profile

Available colors for Maxi Profiles

B01-black B02-darkgrey B03-lightgrey B04-brown B05-yellow B06-walnut-brown
B01 Black B02 Dark Grey B03 Light Grey B04 Brown B05 Yellow B06 Tan
B07-darkgreen B08-green B09-mintgreen B10-blue B11-dark-red B12-red
B07 Dark Green B08 Green B09 Mint Green B10 Blue B11 Dark Red B12 Red
B13-orange B14-purple  B15-white B16-lightblue
B13 Orange  B14 Purple  B15 White  B16 Light Blue

Outdoor textiles


Rinos Collect: 100% polyamide fiber, PVC backside, 7 mm fiber height, Cfl-S1 refractoriness, DS slip-proof

Alutrend indoor textile Alutrend indoor textile Alutrend indoor textile
Anthracite Brown Red

Outdoor printed textile


Outdoor printed artificial grass: step-proof, artificial grass with coarse fibers, PVC backside, 15 mm fiber height, Cfl-S1 refractoriness, DS slip-proof

 Alutrend indoor textile  

Printing technology


  • Low resolution images and logos
  • 25 dpi printing detail
  • PMS coloring
  • 16 colors to choose from
  • Min. 10 pixels line thickness
  • Overprint / flow distance: 10mm
  • Transfer format: PCX

Colors available for artificial grass

white peach ocher grey pale_blue red
White Peach Ocher Grey Pale blue Red
orange yellow green blue claret brown
Orange Yellow Green Blue Claret Brown
dark grey dark green navy blue black
Anthracite Dark green Navy blue Black

Optional Indoor surfaces: liquid absorbent and printed textiles

The quality of the Alutrend® aluprofile entrance mats require the use of top quality textiles in the rails. Cleartex Ltd. is a prominent Forbo distributor in Hungary, our mat systems are equipped with the diverse Forbo textile mats. For the interior there are numerous liquid-sucking textiles and textiles like scratching yarns with scratching function available. For the inside a special solution, the branded mat provides messages.



Textile | The basic function of the textile treads is to absorb liquid and to clean minor dirt. The textiles can consist of one (liquid-sucking) or two (liquid-sucking and scratching) functioned surfaces, or for the outside artificial grass only. While the mixed-use fabrics work best near the entrance, the liquid-sucking textiles do their best inside, farther away from the entrance. Printed textile | Task of the printed, or branded mats is it mainly to transmit messages and to clean and to absorb liquids at the same time. When it comes to branded mats it is also possible for us to produce high-detailed branded mats.

Indoor textile treads


Coral Classic: 100% polyamide fiber, Everfort PVC backside, 7mm fiber height, Bfl-S1 refractoriness, DS slip-proof

classic_new_4750_warm_black classic_ne_4730_raven_black classic_new_4701_anthracite classic_new_4721_mouse_grey classic_new_4751_silver_grey classic_new_4756_bronzetone
Warm Black Raven Black Anthracite Mouse Grey Silver Grey Bronzetone
classic_new_4744_espresso classic_new_4764_taupe classic_new_4774_khaki classic_new_4758_olive classic_new_4759_old_rose classic_new_4753_bright_red
Espresso Taupe Khaki Olive Old Rose Bright Red
Navy Blue

Coral Duo: 100% polyamide fiber, Everfort PVC backside, 7mm fiber height, Bfl-S1 refractoriness, DS slip-proof

duo_new_9730_black_diamond duo_new_9721_dark_steel duo_new_9725_cafe_bahia duo_new_9710_luna_pearl duo_new_9714_sicilian_sand duo_new_9724_cafe_supreme
Black Diamond Dark Steel Cafe Bahia Luna Pearl Sicilian Sand Cafe Supreme
duo_new_9727_volga_blue duo_new_9723_african_red
Volga Blue African Red

Coral Active: 100% polyamide fiber, Everfort PVC backside, 7mm fiber height, Bfl-S1 refractoriness, DS slip-proof

brush_new_5750_aztec_black brush_new_5730_vulcan_black brush_new_5715_charcoal_grey brush_new_5710_asphalt_grey brush_new_5741_cannon_grey brush_new_5721_hurricane_grey
Aztec Black Vulcan Black Charcoal Grey Asphalt Grey Cannon Grey Hurricane Grey
brush_new_5714_shark_gery brush_new_5764_petrified_grey brush_new_5724_chocolate_brown  brush_new_5716_masala_brown  brush_new_5754_straw_brown brush_new_5767_slate_blue
Shark Grey Petrified Grey Chocolate Brown Masala Brown Straw Brown Slate Blue
brush_new_5727_stratos_blue brush_new_5705_bondi_blue brush_new_5722_cornflower_blue brush_new_5709_royal_purple brush_new_5706_brick_red brush_new_5723_cardinal_red
Stratos Blue Bondi Blue Cornflower Blue Royal Purple Brick Red Cardinal Red

Coral Welcome: 100% polyamide fiber, recycled PVC backside, 7mm fiber height, Bfl-S1 refractoriness, DS slip-proof

welcome_new_3210_black_magic welcome_new_3201_silver_shadow welcome_new_3202_desperado welcome_new_3208_matrix welcome_new_3205_blue_lagoon welcome_new_3207_blue_velvet
Black Magic Silver Shadow Desperado Matrix Blue Lagoon Blue Velvet
welcome_new_3219_colour_purple welcome_new_3206_volcano
Colour Purple Volcano

Indoor textile branded mats



Indoor printed textile: 100% high-twist 6.6 polyamide fiber, PVC backside, 6mm fiber height, Bfl-S1 refractoriness, DS slip-proof

 Alutrend indoor textile Printing technology


  • Images and emblems with high resolution in full color range
  • PMS coloring
  • 76,2 dpi printing detail
  • Min. 10 pixels strength
  • Transfer formats: AI, PSD, EPS, PDF
  • Color coding: PANTONE, RAL, Munsell, TRUMATCH, CMYK, RGB
  • Overprint / flow distance: 10mm


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