Alutrend® aluprofile mats

Alutrend® is an effective cleaning #entrance matting system with elegance. These entrance mats are being made of aluminium rails, which can be fit with various treads.

Cleartex Ltd. started production of Alutrend® floor mats in the year 2006. The independent, protected brand name has become known as the highest quality product since the very beginning. Since the 10 years gone, the production technology and the product itself has gotten even better. What hasn’t changed is the high quality.

While developing Alutrend®, the main aspect was to create hard-wearing, enduring entrance mats with high efficiency. The structure and sizes of the aluminium profiles might not be similar to other makers’ products, Cleartex wanted more. Both thickness and solidity of the aluprofiles is the best across Hungary, what means tensile strength and loadability is much higher. Matchlessly on the market there’s a 5-year-warranty for Alutrend® Maxi and Mini, and a one-year-warranty for Alutrend® Compact entrance mats, with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cleartex-Alutrend-5-year-warranty Cleartex-Alutrend-Hungarian-Product Cleartex-Alutrend-100Percent-Customer-Satisfaction-Guaranteed
The market demands are deflecting from regular floor mats into the direction of the consciously applied entrance matting systems. Besides high efficiency and long-wearing, the Alutrend® entrance mats fulfil many other expectations in addition.

Various possibilities in production


Depending on environment and structuring possibilities, the aluminium profiles can be fitted with many various treads. According to the #zone approach many indoor and outdoors treads are available to choose from. All surfaces can be combined with each other according to taste and efficiency.

  • For outdoor use and onto the middle zone we suggest #brush, #ribbed rubber, #scraping fiber textile and #printed artificial grass for optimal cleaning efficience.
  • For indoor use there are nearly 40 kinds of colorful #absorbent textile and 3 kinds of #printed textile surfaces available in highest quality.
Popular textile and plastic cleaning surfaces

Exclusive shaping


Shaping of the Alutrend® entrance mats can be different from any conventional form. Regular mats are usually rectangle shaped, while Alutrend® can be wether circular, square formed with external or internal arc of circle shaping, excentric shaped, concave or convex poligonal. The systems can be built together from more than one elements, misstep-free fitting can be carried out on an even surface with ease.

Special shapes for individual entrances

Flexible services


Alutrend® systems come with services being completely satisfactory for domestic and foreign construction- and facility managements. In addition to selecting surfaces, measurement of the area and planning of the aluprofiles themselves is crucially important. The development according to #zone approach and the precise installation is a basic claim in every structure to prevent missteps and gliding. Cleartex Ltd. and its distributors are available for aany of your service needs. Our experts are willing to inform you about technical and commercial questions of Alutrend® entrance matting systems. Call +36 30 413 8175 for further information!

Alutrend® types


Alutrend® cleaning mats can be classified onto several groups depending on which entry zone they’re being used: suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The following classification is based on traffic, use is determined by sizes and structures of the aluminium profiles.

Alutrend® Outdoor aluprofile mats
Alutrend® Indoor aluprofile mats
Alutrend® Maxi Outdoor Alutrend® Maxi Indoor
Alutrend® Mini Outdoor Alutrend® Mini Indoor
Alutrend® Compact Outdoor Alutrend® Compact Indoor


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