Alutrend Compact – Outdoor

Alutrend® Outdoor matting in Compact Profile


Alutrend® mat systems are made of three possible types of rails. The Alutrend® Compact profile is the newest member of the Alutrend® family with a low aluminum profile. It had been developed for small traffic, which is also very suitable for home use.


Alutrend-Compact-Textile-2017 The Compact Profile is eligible for #outdoor textiles.

The interconnected aluminum profiles form a sealed unit, so contamination is being hold on the surface, which makes maintenance very easy. In case of regular cleaning, the lifetime and 100% cleaning effect can be maintained for a long time.




The advantages of the Compact model are that their height is the same as the layer thickness of the stone floors, so it is also very easy to install.

cleartex_alutrend_compact_otthoni_installacio_2016_01_mod cleartex_alutrend_compact_otthoni_installacio_2016_02_mod cleartex_alutrend_compact_otthoni_installacio_2016_03_mod
The Alutrend® Compact mats can be placed on flat surfaces onto a die or simply dropping onto the subfloor.

  • If it’s installed into a die, no further deepening of the concrete is necessary since it has the exact height of floor tiles.
  • Can also be used dropped down on the floor, because the PVC coating on the back prevents the mat from slipping.

Production types

Alutrend® Compact Rasp | Matting system with scratching yarns



Tread: Carpet strips with polyamide fibers

Eligible: For moderate pedestrian traffic

Advantage: Fulfills most of the cleaning work at the entrance


Wear resistance: Rating5
Cleaning effect: Rating4
Moisture absorption: Rating4


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