Alutrend® entrance mats for indoor use


The Alutrend® mat systems are manufactured for three different clean-up zones. The #indoor zones can be divided onto two contingents: the second and third clean-up zone, the area inside the building, as well as #wind deflector, the #rotary door and the wider #foreground. The cleaning surface focuses on absorbing liquid and to clean up minor dirts by side; going further inside, only the sucking of the liquids takes place. With the right selection of internal surfaces, sludge and liquid contamination can be prevented. In addition, they protect against slipping and ensure a clean impression. Forming one unit with the tread, it is also provided for a decorative impression.

The main aspect of the Alutrend® interior mats systems’ design was besides the durability and high performance, to meet every expectation of the 21st century. In this area, most selectable and combinable treads are made of textiles or textile combinations. The combination of textile and brushes or ribbed rubber is both nice and effective at the same time; the textile surfaces give the foreground a distinctive individual impression. The optimal pairing of the functions can lead to augmenting the cleaning effect and reducing the maintenance costs of the building. The key to the conscious use of the mats is the ability to reduce maintenance costs.

Alutrend® rail profiles for indoors


The indoor mats can be producedd from all three types of rails | Maxi | Mini | Compact

Depending on the size and type of pedestrian traffic, the Alutrend® mats can be produced from three types of rails and two types of structures. We have developed the Maxi profile for large pedestrian and shopping cart traffic. For moderate traffic the Mini, and for smaller traffic the Compact profile is the ideal choice. The Alutrend® Maxi and Mini Profiles can be used to integrate all treads into them, while the Alutrend® Compact is suitable for textile surfaces.
Alutrend-Maxi-22-profileMaxi Alutrend-Mini-17-profileMini Alutrend-Compact-10-profileCompact
Robust aluminum alloy structure | Suitable for the traffic of more than 1000 pedestrians daily | Suitable for the passage with wheelchairs and shopping carts | textile, ribbed rubber and brush treads Robust aluminum alloy structure | Suitable for the traffic of more than 1000 pedestrians daily; maximum 100 pedestrians per hour | Suitable for pedestrian traffic and minimal wheelchair traffic | textile, ribbed rubber and brush treads
Low, wide aluminum alloy profile | Suitable for the traffic of less than 200 pedestrians a day | For moderate pedestrian traffic | textile tread

Alutrend® indoor treads


Typical treads of the indoor mats | #textile #ribbed rubber #brush

Alutrend indoor Alutrend maxi rub Alutrend brush

Rubs off various moderate soiling like a sponge.

Ribbed rubber

Pulls strong wet dirt from soles like a windshield wiper.


Brushes off stubborn solid soils like a broom.

Alutrend indoor

The Hit in the indoor entrance zones

The most popular Alutrend® matting system is the Maxi and Mini Brush & Dry, mounted with brush and textile strips. This model is best suited for the cleaning of significant amounts of mixed dirt.

Further design possibilities


The treads are recommended depending on the factors of the environment and traffic:

In case of strongly aqueous and partially solid soiling | for large pedestrian, wheelchair and shopping cart traffic | use at wind deflectors and in the inner Zones

Length: at least 4 steps

In case of moderately aqueous and solid soiling | for large pedestrian walkways, and moderate wheelchair and shopping cart traffic | for wind deflectors

Length: at least 4 steps

In case of moderately aqueous and partially solid soiling | for large pedestrian, wheelchair and shopping cart traffic | for wind deflectors

Length: at least 4 steps

Alutrend® Indoor types


Maxi | For heavy traffic Mini | For medium traffic Compact | For low traffic
  • Maxi Dry Standard | needle felt
  • Maxi Dry Premium | liquid absorbent textile
  • Maxi Charm | printed textile
  • Maxi Brush & Dry | brush and textile
  • Maxi Rub & Dry | ribbed rubber and textile
  • Mini Dry Standard | needle felt
  • Mini Dry Premium | liquid absorbent textile
  • Mini Charm | printed textile
  • Mini & Brush Dry | kefe és textil
  • Mini Rub & Dry | bordázott gumi és textil
  • Compact Dry Standard | needle felt
  • Compact Dry Premium | liquid absorbent textile
  • Compact Charm | printed textile


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