Mounting frame | For dies


Mounting frames make installation and removal easier and keep the matting system in place. For the installation of Maxi Profiles 26 mm and for Mini Profiles 21 mm deep dies are being required.

maxi frame mini frame Alutrend accessories
Mounting frame for Maxi Profile Mounting frame for Mini Profile Installation of Maxi mounting frames

L-Profile | For dies


Makes installation and removal easier and keeps the mat system in place. Applicable to round or multi-element mat systems. For the installation of Maxi Profiles 25 mm, for Mini Profiles 20 mm deep dies are necessary. For Alutrend® Compact, an L-profile is also required if installed.

Alutrend accessories Alutrend accessories Alutrend accessories
L-Profile for Maxi Profiles L-Profile for Mini Profiles Installation of Maxi L-Profiles

Corner element | For dies

Cleartex Alutrend corner element The corners of the built-in frame are being held together by corner elements as shown on the left.

Ramp | Without dies


Alutrend accessories Alutrend accessories Alutrend accessories

Alutrend® matting system can be placed effectively in flat dies to avoid stumbling and slipping with accessories shown below. If it’s not possible to design a die, tripping accidents are being prevented with ramps. For Maxi Profiles a 18 mm high ramp, for Mini Profiles a 15 mm high ramp is required, width is 60 mm in both cases.

Ramp placement possibilities:


ramp ramp
One ramp could be enough if we can push the mats system onto the wall.


ramp ramp

In such cases, the elements must be adapted to each other or to the floor surface.

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