Individual entrances with Alutrend®


The entrances are the busiest sections, which are the parts of the buildings, those first welcome the visitors and the not entering people become to see as well. The mats placed here are practically walked through by everyone, the style of the mudguards have also an effect on the general overall image of the foreground and the opinion of the building itself. Therefore, it is highly recommended to look out for the functionality as well as the sight of the mats. Alutrend® is best suited to become an effective and decorative part of the building. In the direction of entry, their application according to zone approach enables the best possible cleaning effect. In addition, the installation takes place in the spirit of the interior.

Irregular forms


Alutrend special

How can a matting system be unusual? First and foremost, it can be fully adapted to the buildings concerns. Between the cleaning systems from Cleartex Ltd., there are virtually no two of the same kind – apart from the uniform entrances of the store chains.

One of the keys to uniqueness is the unconventional design of the Alutrend® matting systems. The conventional mats are usually rectangular, while Alutrend® products can also contain internal or external curved shapes, or can be completely round, corner, eccentric, concave or convex. Therefore you can let your imagination run free, so that the matting system optimally adapts the geometry of the environment.

The round world of matting systems


Alutrend rotary doorThe most common non-rectangular form where mats are adapted is the lowering of the rotary doors. The advantage of the rotary doors is that several steps have to be done on this tread in order to get into the building. An average mat can be used with ca. 2-3 steps are crossed, the rotary mats are crossed with about 3-4 times as many steps. This also gives the possibility of dividing the rotary door itself onto two sections, so that the first part of the rotary door can be covered with outdoor and the second part with indoor mats. This makes it possible to achieve two different cleaning effects on the two halves of the circle.

Special colors and designs


In addition to the variety of designs, the other specialty of Alutrend® is the colorful world. Colors have a great impact on people, can awaken different feelings. Most sensitive impressions are based on the color world. The bright colors on the tread spread the room in all directions, and they lift the mood additionally. The cross-stripping on the floor expands the room, but it gives the impression to being shorter than it is in reality.

The gleamy Alutrend® rails create an elegant impression, while the integrated cleaning surfaces ensure harmony with the interior and compensate for the cold elegance of the aluminum rails. The Alutrend® dirt mats can be created with surfaces in any color, even inscriptions or graphics can be illuminated.

Alutrend special tread  Alutrend special tread Alutrend special tread

Marketing at the door


Thanks to branded mats, entrances can easily be customized to companies or individuals. It is also possible to integrate such treads in Alutrend® rails. This way you get a mats system which not only catches dirt, but also carries a message. On the carpets even pictures of photo quality can be printed, but you also have to calculate with the patterning of the aluminum rail strips. This means that at least 10 centimeter high letters can be printed on these surfaces.

Alutrend indoor branded mat

Why Marketing Mat?

  • Is very impressive, emits uniqueness;
  • In addition to the advertising value it cleans;
  • Individual surface that attracts attention;
  • Flexible, easy to plan graphics, logos and lettering in individual size;
  • Long life, high efficiency;
  • As an advertising medium, it can be used not only in the summer, but throughout the whole year.

Our free services:

Despite the accuracy requiring planning tasks, we do not calculate any costs for

  • planning,
  • visualization,
  • printing (cliche),
  • special colors.
Colorful Alutrend® types:

  • Alutrend® Maxi Color Brush for outdoors
  • Alutrend® Maxi Color Rasp for outdoors
  • Alutrend® Mini Color Rasp for outdoors
  • Alutrend® Maxi Charm for indoors
  • Alutrend® Mini Charm for indoors
  • Alutrend® Compact Charm for indoors

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