Cleartex Alutrend installation Alutrend® is a matting system developed for Central European requirements and conditions. The whole system is mainly made of Hungarian quality materials at our industrial location. Each matting system is tailor-made individually and flexibly for each building and demand; changes can be tolerated until the start of the production phase. By side the direct communication between the customer and the manufacturer is also a great advantage.

All Alutrend® entrance matting systems are tailor-made. When ordering, following things must be clarified:

  • The width and length of the mat, which is determined by the direction of travel. This means the direction in which the visitors are entering the building. The direction of entry therefore occurs at right angles to the parallel aluminum rails. To ensure accuracy it must be taken care, since the two directions can not be interchanged.
  • The measurements are always done in millimeters, with referral to all data. These can refer either to the external dimensions of the built-in frames, or to the internal dimensions of the already existing mounting frame, but also can be the size of the mat itself. For an existing frame, the flatness and parallelism of the sides must be checked first.
Cleartex Alutrend mat design

Of course, it is also important to clarify the type of cleaning surfaces, where which treads have to be integrated onto the rails. In the case of branded mats, a visualization is also required.

Cleartex Alutrend production Cleartex Alutrend production Cleartex Alutrend production

When choosing the right mats, it must be decided at the same time whether it’ll be installed into a frame or not.

mounting frame Both mounting frames and L-profiles can be used for the installation. If installing a frame is impossible, the application of a ramp would be necessary to avoid so-called tripping accidents. Basically we recommend installation onto lowerings, as it allows an accident-free entrance, the doors and locks slide easily over the surfaces and at the same time it’s an esthetic solution. Curved and eccentrically formed shapes (e.g., rotary doors) can be safely entered only in dies.

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