Alutrend entrance mat specialties

Special shapes, colorful treads with logos


Unusual cleaning solutions can be found almost everywhere. In case of wind deflectors, in addition to several walking directions, the design of excentric shapes can be required, which is generally the case with discounter-like small shops. In the entrances of huge office buildings, usually individual installations are being used, since in general there are many rotary doors. Alutrend® products with colorful, patterned treads look especially good in hotels and event halls, while for businesses with high marketing requirements the branded mat is the best possible solution.

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Alutrend special shape Alutrend special shapes

Unusual shapes


The special feature of the entrance mats is that they can be much more varied in comparison to conventional floor mats. The mat systems and floor surfaces can be designed to form a harmonious unit with each other and the appearance of the interior. With deltoid, trapezoid, circular and elliptical shapes and their combinations, amorphous and excentric dirt collection systems can be created. Experiences show, if the decorative shaping takes place deliberately, with the clean-running zone approach taken into consideration, in addition to the aesthetics the cleaning effect can be increased a lot, whereby with the long-kept purity the interior “shine” is maintained for a long time.

Versatile possibilities of production


The design of the Alutrend® mat systems can differ from any conventional form. Mats in general are rectangular, while Alutrend® can be curved, concave or convex from inside or outside. The system can also consist of several elements, in any case their adaptation can be done stumble-free.

 Alutrend shape  Alutrend shape  Alutrend shape  Alutrend shape  Alutrend shape  Alutrend shape
The most popular shapes

The colorful world of mat systems


The cleaning surfaces to be integrated onto rails and their arrangement, have besides the cleaning also a decorative purpose. It is therefore important to adapt these to the interior, the flooring, the walls or the furnishings as far as texture and color are concerned. Most of the textile surfaces come from Forbo’s product range, so there are many possibilities to fit extra colors, striped and many other kinds of patterns into the rails.

The two colorful carpets being striped with scratching yarns can take the most interesting patterns, as well as the different types of textile surfaces in the mat system integrated per rail. A further possibility of the expansion is to lay each rail with differently colored textile strips, whereby again new forms or letters can be designed. For the perfect planning it is nothing more necessary, as a lot of imagination and a visualization – precisely with the help of our specialists – being created.

Alutrend® entrance mats give entrances, both inside and outside individuality with the following possibilities.


In case of Outdoor mats:

  • Colorful brushes in Maxi Profile;
  • Nylon fiber textile surface printed in 16 colors.

In case of Indoor mats:

  • High-quality textiles in more than 40 colors;
  • 3 different printed textile treads.
Alutrend special Alutrend special Alutrend special

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