Arguments speaking for and against Alutrend

One of the critical points while planning a building is the entrance. Only 3-4 collective parts of a giant e.g. office building is being used permanently, which is 1% of the building’s floor surface. The entrances are being passed very often by staff and client as well. Therefore what really matters is, how big the permeability of the entrance is, what wind and matting is present and what kind of impression the foreground leaves. The professional planning of an effective and economical matting system takes place at the same time as the planning of the building and the entrance itself, climate and peripheral areas taken in consideration. Of course a mudguard rug can also be placed afterwards, but the late solution carries additional expenses and less harmony with itself. The zone approach as a planning theory thus serve as an effective solution.



Arguments speaking for Alutrend® entrance mats


There are many arguments for Alutrend® matting and some against. We demonstrate these with real and test-based experiences as follows. The reality however is, that more and more customers opt for matting systems – as opposed to regular mats – in Hungary as in other European countries as well. This shows that Alutrend® already has 80% market share in Hungary.

The Cleartex aluprofile matting systems lend an elegant impression to the entrance, be it classic, or modern design. The tailor-made manufacturing possibilities, excellent material application and the clean appearance of the Alutrend® products make a clear difference at the entrance, be it bank, cinema, theatre or the shopping centre. Of course not only the matting system itself, but also the good choice contributes a lot to the harmony between entrance and building.

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The parts of the mats are easy to roll up, no special tools or expertise are required for maintenance. Cleaning succeeds just as in case of regular carpets, but besides the dust suction, it’s possible to clean with water pressure washing system.

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Alutrend® systems are available for construction and facility management with complete solutions. Besides the selection of the treads, the correct planning of the mat systems and the precise measurement of the area is also of decisive importance. The design according to zone approach is an indispensable factor in all institutions to avoid stumbling and slipping. Cleartex Ltd. and its reseller partners are at your disposal for every individual requirement.

Arguments against Alutrend® mat systems


As the environment does not allow the installation of Alutrend® mats systems, we recommend a different solution as safety is the first requirement. For example, if it’s not possible to form a completely flat surface for the die of the Alutrend® dirt collection system, we recommend plastic module footstrips with textile fibers. Likewise, we do not recommend entrance matting systems, where’s traffic with loaded hand-stroke trucks. Alutrend® Maxi rails have been developed for the traffic of pedestrians, wheelchairs and shopping trolleys, where the punkture load is a lot less as in case of heavy-duty hand-held pallett stackers.

Matting to the building, or building to the matting?

Mats and mudguard systems

Nowadays there are many types of buildings that are intended to receive many visitors, be it office, buildings or shopping centers. However the characteristics of simple household mats are often confused with those of professional matting systems. Many think that the carpet used at home is also enough in the workplace. Unfortunately this term is wrong!

Generally in a flat there are living up to 3-4 people. That’s as much as dirt from 6-8 shoe soles, which is easy to handle for regular doormats. On the other hand the daily turnover of an average shopping center is expected to be 500-1000 people. This is as much as dirt from 1000-2000 shoe soles. Therefore it is obvious that in these cases a completely different alternative has to be chosen.

Let’s see why!

Generally in a flat there are living up to 3-4 people. This is as much as dirt from 6-8 shoe soles worn, which is easy to handle for regular doormats. On the other hand, the daily turnover of an average shopping center is expected to be 500-1000 people. This is as much a quantity of dirt from 1000-2000 shoe soles. Therefore it is obvious that in these case a completely different alternative must be chosen as in the first case.

What could be the solution?

At first we shall get to know the zone approach! This means that the entrance can be divided into three different zones.

The first zone is where the primary matting takes place. This is either just outside the front door or behind it. The main task here is to remove lumpy dirt, mud and snow. An important safety aspect is that the gaps in the elements or the bars are “high heels proof”.

The second zone is where the secondary matting is placed. This is located either in the wind deflector, rotary door, or inside, right after the primary zone. Here the task is to collect small soiling, or to start a certain moisture absorption. In general, the surface design is mixed, water and dust collection is simultaneously possible.

The third zone is the mudguard of the main traffic zones. This is located right behind the second zone. That’s where fine dust, sand and water are being removed from the soles. In order to be sure that all the dirt is removed from the soles of the shoes, it is convenient to push this zone out to the front desk.

That’s how cleanliness can be planned. A considerable proportion of the contamination (80-90%) can be absorbed by a well considered choice. In addition it is also much cheaper and easier to preserve the effectivity of entrance mats by keeping them clean, than cleaning the whole building afterwards.

Hint | What size should be chosen? When it comes to size, the number of entries plays an important role. Traffic also affects the necessary size. Mats being skipped have no effect! In the first zone we recommend mats of at least two steps length. A relevant cleaning effect can already be achieved with four steps length, e.g. with Alutrend® matting systems with brush tread.

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